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Lesson plan : how to do , tips and parameters …

The task of a teacher is not easy, because it requires a lot of dedication, planning and study, since everything that is worked in the classroom deserves to be reviewed and well prepared.
In order to set up a lesson plan , the teacher must meet the interests of his students, in addition to the content covered in the series, required within the National Curriculum Parameters, the PCNs.
Going to the classroom without preparing good material, affects the quality of the lesson, because the improvisation impairs with regard to the materials needed for the lesson, such as doing concrete experiments, research work, prior knowledge of the subject, among several others.
What is important is that the teacher prepares his classes for the best goals for them, those that will make the knowledge available to the students, and promote the main notions of citizenship for them.

Performing a well-planned activity
A lesson plan should contain the following steps:

1 – The topic addressed: the subject, the content to be worked;
2 – The justification: the reason to work a certain subject;
3 – The general objectives to be achieved: what students will achieve with this work; With the study of this theme;
4 – The specific objectives: related to each of the stages of development of the work;
5 – The planned stages: more precisely a forecast of time, where theteacher organizes everything that is worked in small steps;
6 – The methodology that the teacher will use: the way in which he will work, the didactic resources that will help to promote the learning and the circulation of the knowledge in the classroom plan;
7 – The evaluation: how theTeacher will evaluate, if in written test, student participation, work, research, homework, etc.
8 – The bibliography: all the material that the teacher used to do his planning. It is important to have them in hand, because if the students need or present interest, they will have to pass the information.

Each of these aspects will depend on the intentions of the teacher , who can make previous combinations with the students, about each of them.
The important thing is to give the group the opportunity to grow both in school content, improving and enriching its concepts, and in its social involvement, from its participation in the world as a citizen of good, responsible and committed to a better world.
It is through this organization, well elaborated that surely the class will be more pleasant, thus making a greater involvement of all, besides the great results in their learning.