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10 Tips to Reverse the Child Feeding Situation in Your Home

10 Tips to Reverse the Child Feeding Situation in Your Home

“I wish I had met you sooner!” “Ah, if I knew that!” I hear a lot of these people phrases that accompany my work on social networks and in my inquiries. And as I usually say: it is always time to change and reverse the situation of the child’s diet. What’s more, the braggart of all this is that you have realized that you need to change, that is, you are on the right path! So, follow these 10 tips to reverse the food situation of the child and his family and of course, provide a healthy life to all.

Bora pras 10 tips to reverse the situation of child feeding in your home:

1 Recognize the wrong eating habits of your baby:

Here it is important to recognize what is wrong in the child’s diet. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the food she consumes appropriate for her age? Recall in this post the foods that we have to avoid until 1 year and in this the foods that we have to avoid until the 2 years.
  • Does it really have balance in the child’s nutrition ? Remember in this post what I have already said about balance. But the balance of fact and not the full of terrorism.
  • Here, it is important not to cover the sun with the sieve and actually recognize the eating habit of your child. Often alone it is not possible, so if you have difficulties, seek help from a nutritionist to help you in this super important phase to reverse the situation of feeding the child in your home.

10 Tips to Reverse the Child Feeding Situation in Your Home

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2 Conscientize everyone around:

Once you have recognized what you need to change to reverse the situation of the child’s feeding in your home, it is important to raise awareness around the baby so that change begins! This is one of the most difficult parts, as many people still find it too exaggerated and can disrupt the process.

But my tip is: you are the mother or father of the child, that is, the responsible for education and creation of the same. So, people need to respect you. If the partner is the person who most “hinders” the process of maintaining proper nutrition for the child’s age, show scientific studies, show evidence that you are not being exaggerated, but rather watch out for possible complications due to an inappropriate diet for this phase Of your son.

Seek the patience of the monks and go, go with determination that everything will work! Oh, do not forget love, of course!

3 Be an example:

Well, realized that the mistake is to consume a lot of sugar, skip meals, eat what is not proper for age, have little fruit, vegetables, vegetables, that is, turnover on the menu, it’s time to look at the dish itself.

Is it all colorful, varied and rich in healthy options indeed? Think like this, sales have already fallen from your eyes, now is the time to act. Mount your plate and your meals serving as an example for the child. Remember, if your child eats wrong, it is because somehow, the adult responsible for feeding him is wrong, so change and reverse the food situation of the child in your home.

4 Explain why the change to the child:

Regardless of the child’s age, it is important to always explain why she should not eat such food at that time. No fights, screams, blackmail or bargaining. It’s natural. In the same way that you explain that you should not put your finger in the socket because it is shocking, explain that he can not drink soda because he is still a child, that he can not drink coffee because he is still too young and can not eat candy because he has only 2 Years and so on. It may even speak that when we eat very sweet, we can ruin the dentin and that is not healthy.

Remember, it is not to become a general and yes, always with love and affection explain the right and praise the healthy options. Show that a colorful fruit salad can be just as appetizing as a bunch of goodies. Get rid of your superfluous adult habit and believe that your child may be different.

5 Abuse of creativity:

Do you know that phrase that everything that is not healthy is tasty? What fry, sweet, sugar are the most delicious? Well! When you begin to use creativity, turn the basics into something amazing. The rice, beans, meat and potato end up having another flavor.

The potato does not have to be fried. It can be sauté, puree, rustic, roasted with rosemary. It may be the sweet potato, or sweet potato orange and not just English. Besides the potato we have yams, mandioquinha, cassava …. That can be done in various ways.

The salad does not have to be just lettuce and tomato. It can be purple lettuce, flat lettuce, American lettuce … We have arugula, watercress, cabbage, chard. In addition to the tomato, we have the cherry tomatoes and other options like cucumber, carrot, beet.

Blue whiting does not have to be just broccoli. It can be cabbage, endive, catalonia, mustard, okra, brussels sprouts, cauliflower.

The accompaniment of rice, which can be the white, the integral, the leg. Pure or with some greens or vegetables need not be just the beans. We have the pod, the pea, the lentils and the chickpeas.

In addition to the turnover, you can vary in the preparation. The steak does not have to be just fried, it can be grilled, rolled, panela, minced. Same thing with the chicken and the fish. The egg does not need to be just fried, it can be pochet, scrambled, boiled or omelet.

6 Let the right foods always be in view:

Leave the fruit bowl full of fruit, but within reach of the children and all of you, place the already washed and sanitized salad items in clear pots, but leave them in the refrigerator. Cookies, cookies and the like? Just leave the cool and own options for children’s age for easy access, but remember, it is not because it is healthy that it should replace the main meals and the food that make them up.

7 Vary the menu:

It is much easier to change when the food is varied and full of turnover. Realize that you need to discover new acceptances and it is not because you did not accept the broccoli that the child will not accept the potato. The more varied the menu, the more chances of change you will have! It’s no use changing and living only on rice, beans, steak and mashed potatoes!(I.e.

8 Do not buy more:

Once you have diagnosed the mistakes and the excesses, it is time to radicalize in the right direction. It’s time to stop shopping. If the problem is soft drinks, do not buy more. If it is the excess of goodies, exorcize from the children’s closet. Focus is fundamental and clear, to truly believe that you are doing the right thing for your child. You have realized that it is time to reverse the situation of feeding the child in your home, so let’s go with love, patience, but determination.

When your child goes looking for a stuffed cookie, he will not have more, but he will find other options to eat and fill his hunger and need for nutrients. The same thing, when he looks for something to “quench his thirst”, you should not find the sugar-filled juice box or the soda, but the fresh water at the ideal temperature so that it hydrate and become thirsty.

10 Tips to Reverse the Child Feeding Situation in Your Home

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9 Make correct and age-appropriate choices for the minor in your family:

I have some families that I accompany that tell me: the first one was easy, now with the second or third …. Guys, come on! If the food habit created was correct, it is easy to explain the right. It is not because the child is over 2 years old that they should sink into a pot of sugar or else eat everything and a little more. Food should always be consistent, balanced, regardless of age. Just as it is no use to you to be 18 and to drink alcohol every day, you know? It is a matter of being the real habit, of being a truth and not just a phase.

It’s not because your baby’s 2-year-old will get lollipop every time she cuts her hair, takes a shot or behaves in the supermarket. NO! She is 2 years old and, with balance, can eat new foods. YOU adult has this appeal about goodies, not kids and it’s up to you not to teach that sugar is love! LOVE IS AFFECTION AND AIM!

You’re an adult knows Veloso’s thigh is delicious, the child is not. The child may prefer something baked. Do not interfere with creating the habit of small children in the wrong way.

And to be able to make everyone eat well, make the choices according to the smallest member of the family. At the 6 month to 12 month stage, he should eat at the proper consistency and with the food for this stage. Normally at this stage, the food is different and believe me, he will not feel like eating something if the rest of the family does not eat in front of him, meaning consistency is super welcome!(I.e.

10 BELIEVE and never be discouraged.

It’s not easy, but you have to believe it!

Believe it, it is possible to reverse the situation of feeding the child in your home! Have focus, patience and lots of love. Wow, Paola, love? Yes love! Love for you do not be discouraged, love for you to respect the child and the time of the child, because it can be delayed. Do we have to act? Great, you took the first step, so stay strong and strong.

Respect the children’s cries for not having what they were used to eating the wrong way, but think that this will be the best for their health. Do not yell, or show that you are stressed. And most importantly, remove the guilt from within yourself. If before you offered chocolate at 9 months, soda at 10 months and potato at 1 year, NOW, you received information and realized that it is time to change. Ready! That is enough and good to follow and walk! <3 A tight hug in you and the whole family and count on the Color Maternity to help you!

Kisses and good luck.