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The Ten Commandments of Infant Feeding : Tips from Gabriela Kapim

Having children who eat everything, especially fruits, vegetables and greens, seems to be the dream of nine out of ten mothers. But precious tips can change the course of food in your home, starting with the attitude of those responsible. If not everyone has mastered the secret of getting their children to eat healthy foods, nutritionist Gabriela Kapim, host of ” Socorro! My son eats badly “, which airs on Tuesday (02) at 9:30 p.m., lists the ten commandments For a good eating routine . Check out the nutritionist’s explanations below and print the list to create new habits in your home. Worth putting up in the refrigerator door!

  • Food is, above all, a gesture of affection and affection

    The 10 commandments of infant feeding“Feeding is a way of taking care of the children.” Breastfeeding has this symbology, care, affection, love, and many mothers forget it after the child moves to the fork and spoon stage, “he explains. That is, the important thing is for the mother to understand that if she offers healthy food, she is doing her son good. And not the other way around.

  • Conscious food is a matter of education! Eating well and healthy learns at home and early

    The 10 commandments of infant feedingLike everything the child learns in life, the food goes according to what the parents teach. “In food, there are the first ‘no’s’ that parents give their children.” ” The child then can not give that toothbrush ?” “No. Then the child can not eat a fruit, ” Gabriela sums up.

  • Food is not currency! There can be no negotiation between food and toy, walk, party …

    Infant food and its commandments. What several and several parents do is get these and their children to negotiate on food. ” The child starts not eating well to get the attention of the parents, and they end up dealing with material goods, and that is not the currency that children are asking for, ” explains Kapim. According to the nutritionist of “Socorro! “What you can not do is get to the point where you have to negotiate. From the moment you educate correctly, you do not have the need to negotiate, “he says.

  • The dish needs to have 5 different colors

    The 10 Color variation means a variation of nutrients. It means that a food with the essential nutrients is the caloric. “If the parents put only green, the child will stop receiving the nutrients and minerals of what they have in yellow, for example,” says Gabriela. According to her, there are four categories of food that you need to have on the plate. Legumes (beans, chickpeas, lentils); Cereal (rice, wheat, barley, oats); Protein (chicken, meat, fish, egg) and vegetables (vegetables and greens).

  • Parents are always the best example for their children. Attention to what you eat in front of your child!

    The 10 commandments of infant feedingThe explanation is simple: it’s no use going to the fast food with your child, get home and offer a fruit. ” The family is the greatest example of the child, ” says the nutritionist.

  • Meal time should be a time to bring the family together.

    The 10 commandments of infant feedingGabriela Kapim calls attention to an old custom that has been lost over the years, that of family meals. “No one else eats together, it’s everyone in their corner. Gathering gives the child the opportunity to see what the parents are eating, to know how their child’s day was.” This is part of a good eating routine , “he says.

  • No TV, tablet, video game or cell phone connected during meals

    The 10 commandments of infant feeding“They are the distraction of the brain,” Kapim sums up. According to the nutritionist, if the child feeds by watching TV or playing with the cell phone, the brain does not record what is being ingested .

  • To dislike a food, the child needs to try various recipes! Sometimes the way to prepare food changes the child’s acceptance

    The 10 commandments of infant feedingStudies show that for a child to dislike something it is necessary that she have tried the food at least 10 times, in different ways, according to the nutritionist. ” For the child to recognize that he does not like carrots, for example, parents have to offer the carrot in ten different ways . The grated carrot has a taste, the stew has another, and so on, so offer carrot cake, mashed potatoes Carrot souffle and other variations before giving up, “he says.

  • If the child is not hungry, he does not need to eat. But you can not eat anything else before the meal …

    The 10 commandments of infant feedingThis is what happens with substitution through meals. The tactic is: if the child does not want to eat at that time, fine. But when it comes to eating, it should be the meal . “She should not be forced to eat. There are times when the child is not really hungry, but can not substitute for something else,” says Kapim.

  • The rules are for all members of the family!

    The 10 commandments of infant feedingChildren follow the example of their parents. ” It’s not worth having the child eat three types of fruit if the family does not eat one! ” Summarizes Kapim.