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10 fun jokes to do with kids

A pediatrician friend once commented that he has never seen more diagnoses of ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity Disorder) than in the past decade or so in the more than 30 years he has practiced medicine.


Unfortunately, it has been so much talked about in Hyperactivity that many professionals have come to the exaggeration of classifying any agitated or distracted child with ease, as overactive.


There are more and more parents concerned about this possibility, although most cases are just a normal characteristic of children – the fact that they have the energy to give and sell.


What happens is that after an entire day in enclosed spaces, these children need to expand and outflow their energies.


Today’s kids have a lot of access to technology: there are at least four channels playing cartoons 24 hours a day on any basic pay-TV package; Many children have included TV in the room. Electronic games are present in almost every household and, if that were not enough, they can now be accessed from anywhere via mobile devices such as notebooks, tablets and cell phones. They entertain themselves practically without moving.


Make it clear that I am not against any of these technologies! I just do not agree with its indiscriminate use.


What would be the solution, then?


My suggestion is: limit the time spent with technologies and increase the time spent playing!


Parents are a little guilty … We are afraid that children will fall, hurt or even get dirty. And so we deprive them of who they are, that is, children!


Playing promotes socialization, integration and the notion of cooperation in children. In addition to developing the affective, cognitive and psychomotor aspects.


Need some ideas? Here is a list of traditional games in Brazil:


1. Color alert


One person is chosen to be the catcher and the others are scattered. The catcher says “color alert!” And the others ask “what color?”. The catcher then chooses a color and everyone should touch something of that color to be saved, otherwise they can get caught.


2. Start tail


Each participant gets a tissue strip (can be a handkerchief) to hang on the back of the pants, as if it were the tail of an animal. At the signal, everyone runs trying to pull the tail of the other participants. It conquers who can gather more tails, without losing his.


3. Each monkey on its branch


One participant is chosen to be the hunter, the other will be the monkeys. The monkeys make a wheel and the hunter is in the middle. The monkeys are spinning the wheel. When the hunter shouts “every monkey on your branch!”, They should run and climb somewhere high (chair, ladder, etc.). While they are on the ground, they may be caught by the hunter.


4. Burnt small pox


Pick up a piece of cloth to be the burnt whitney. One participant will be the master and will hide the little stick without the others seeing. Then everyone goes out to look. When a participant arrives near the hidden whip, the master should say “he is warming up”; If he leaves, the master will say “it’s getting cold”. Who wins can find the little stick.


5. Three-legged race


Draw a finish line on the ground. Form pairs with the participants and tie the right leg of one with the left leg of the other. At the start signal, the doubles must race to the finish line. Beat the pair who reach first without falling or drop their tied legs.


6. Fire Extinguisher


Choose two participants to rotate a rope for a third jump. As they spin the rope, they sing “Salad, salad, seasoned with salt, pepper, fire, fire!”. When you say the word “fire” you shake the rope very fast, until the person who is jumping bumps into it.


7. Handkerchief in hand


The participants sit on the ground forming a wheel. A participant, who will be the master, stands, walking around the wheel, with a piece of cloth in his hand, while the others sing: “Handkerchief in hand, fell to the ground, beautiful girl of my heart, cock singing corococó ; Sucks cane with a single tooth; it is 1, it is 2, it is 3; When they say this, the master has to drop the scarf behind someone who is sitting – this person should run and try to catch the master, who in turn will be saved if he can sit in the place of the person who got up.


8. Mother of the street


A line is drawn on the ground, on top of which a participant will remain, who will be the mother of the street. The participants will be on one side of the field and, given the signal, they must pass to the other side crossing the line. Then, repeat until about one participant, who will be the winner.


9. Dead alive


The participants stand in line and one is chosen to be the master. When the master shouts “dead”, the participants crouch; When shouting “alive”, the participants stand and raise their arms. And so it alternates, accelerating and slowing. Whoever makes a mistake, gets out of jest. Who can stay until the end, wins.



10. The master sent


Choose a participant to be the master. The rest will obey him. The master gives an order, beginning with “the master commanded”, for example: “the master ordered to take a pebble”. Whoever does not get leaves, whoever picks up continues. Until about only one participant, who will be the new master.


Did you feel like playing? So, join the little girls and have fun!