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11 jokes to amuse teens

  • Entertaining teenagers for me is super easy, as they are fun and cheerful by nature, just their presence to turn any environment into party. However, they, too, are very critical and pleasing them is not always easy. In fact, it is an arduous task because, often, they have so much energy that we can not keep up with them. That’s why we come up with hints of fun to tease teenagers and make their day more joyful.




Talk about the event in advance, let the parents know. If possible, arrange car rides so they do not miss, make posters and publish on social media, capriche in the photo, they love it! And do not forget to make a call to remember the appointment.




Host a brunch that is the union of breakfast and lunch, I think this cool idea for a meeting of friends. Arrange a table, capriche with a nice towel and in a good crockery place breads, biscuits, cakes, pancakes, scrambled eggs, milk, juices, chocolates, fruits, pâtés, cheeses, etc.




Prepare a message according to the need of the youth or the event, it is cool and makes more sense to the event. Something spiritual is always welcome, use inspirational scriptures, videos and songs.


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Play completes the fun. After being nourished physically and spiritually and your message has been passed, nothing is more cool than having a little fun. So let’s go to jokes:


1. Video game games


Make a space with a video game and a TV. If possible, make kinect available that uses body movement to play, it’s a lot of fun!


2. Board games


The board games are also very entertaining, available checkers, detective, waramong others. Make yourself available at your event and there will be plenty of fun.


3. Burst balloons


The joke is to pop the balloon by sitting on it or squeezing it against another person’s body. Teams must be formed and the number of people participating in the game varies according to the number of people in the event. You will have lots of fun.


4. Fill balloon


Whoever fills and blows the balloon faster wins. It should follow the same order of times above.


5. Inspiration


Hand out a balloon to each young man, who must fill it, then tell them who will keep the balloon full. Most young people will blow their friend’s balloon and it will be a big mess. After calming the moods, reveal that no one asked to pop the balloons and that was just to hold your balloon for 1 minute. You enjoy many messages, like each one must take care of his life or we must not hurt the other, etc.



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6. Volleyball with balloons


Put a network, if possible, or something to serve as a network; Form doubles and give them a towel and a balloon filled with water. The balloon should be flipped to the other side and vice versa. This joke is also a lot of fun.


7. Secret friend


Distribute papers with everyone’s names and draw lots, the gift will be bonbons. Provide the chocolates and play along, giving tips on the secret person.


8. The best gift


This joke is about charity. Wrap a gift, a box of chocolates or something that can be shared and wrap with various gift wrappers with a card for the funniest friend. This friend, when opening the present, will find another card and another paper with the words “Give your gift to the most intelligent friend”. Make as many cards as you want or need, but the last one should be “Give your gift to the most charitable friend.” And the one, when you open it, will find the card “Divide your gift with everyone”.


9. Detective


Form a circle with friends and choose a detective and a killer. He will wink at the other friends, who will say, “I died.” If the detective finds the killer, he’ll say, “You’re under arrest.” And if the killer finds out who the detective is, he’ll say, “You’re dead.”


10. My cat


Choose a safe place, a person must be blindfolded and she will touch the friends, saying: “My cat!”. The person will mew and she must find out who she is, so if she finds out, that person will be blindfolded.


11. Questions and Answers


You can call an adult that the teens know, and they write lots of questions of all sorts, and the adult responds. That’s a good way to encourage sound conversation.


These are fun joking tips. Remembering that a safe place should be chosen, and if everyone respects your neighbor, everything will happen well and you will have a fun day.