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13 play activities for parents and teachers to do at Children’s Week

13 play activities for parents and teachers to do at Children’s Week

In various early childhood and early childhood schools, the celebration of Children’s Day extends throughout the week, giving rise to Children’s Week. The intention is to bring recreational activities that go beyond what is usually common day to day school, making these days of October the most fun.

Check out these tips that Always Family has separated on what to do with the kids:

3 to 8 years

– Puppet workshop: with rolls of toilet paper or paper towel cut in half, or packets of popcorn, more pens, wax chalk, pieces of wool, white glue and embellishments of your choice, it is possible to create fun puppets with the Children and then ride to a theater.

– Colorful path: Look for a large space in the school and arrange pieces of Kraft paper or sketches of printing making a long way. Now, the part that demands the greatest care, but that is also going to be great fun: paint the children’s little feet in ink and have them walk over the leaves. It’s gonna be awesome!

– Crazy hat day: Put up hats with cardstock. They may have the shape of a cone, for example. Use colored paper, colored glue, pieces of ribbon or wool, gliter and even leaves from the school garden, to decorate. They should spend the day with their works of art!

– Carts Workshop: Pet bottle, bottle caps, colored glue, gliter and colored paper are the basic items to assemble the carts, which can be pulled by a piece of wool.

– I am me, and you are you: ask each child to lie on large pieces of kraft paper. Draw the silhouette of each one of them and give it back, so they can complete with eyes, mouth, nose, clothes and whatever else they find important.

– Circuit of satiation: on the school yard distribute hula hoops, cones and leave a space for running. The idea is that on one foot they can run the entire circuit.


From 9 to 14 years old

– Volleyball of sheet: is simple. Divide teams of six students and give double sheets to each. The intention is to have them, as a group, move the ball from one side of the net to the other. A beach volleyball ball can make it easier.

– Puzzle: distribute magazines and ask students to choose pictures of advertisements. Then, with pens, they should make shapes that can, after clipping, fit.

– A crazy story: in a chest put the most varied objects. Ask the students to start by telling a story and as they speak, go and show the objects by asking them to get into the story.

– Football two: separate doubles and then tie students’ wrists with a handkerchief. The intention is that there is team work to gain points in the game.

– Guess what it is: the teacher leaves the room with a student and tells him a word. When he returns he will have to represent his colleagues what happened to him. The rest of the room is divided into two groups.

–  Gymkhana: make a circuit of activities in the schoolyard, with games like orange dance, bag run, egg run in the spoon, and go through a tunnel that can be made with chairs or hula hoops, bullet in the flour and Relay.

– Flag high: Separate students into two groups and place a flag in the center of the team’s bottom line. The students will have to try to catch the opponent’s flag without anyone touching it. If it touched, it froze. And it only thaws when a component of your team rescues you with a touch