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35 Child Education Games

1) Touches Game

The animator or tour agent, explains to the passengers that they will make fun jokes on the bus path and ask everyone, attention so that it looks at what the volunteer will pick up, always recording the sequence of sites. Then this volunteer will indicate another participant for the sequence of the game and so on. The player wins the game that hits the highest number of rings.

2) My aunt went to the fair and brought …

My aunt went to the fair and brought an orange, answers the A.’T, the 2nd person will say what the 1st person said, the 5th person answers what the previous ones answered and adding some thing.

3) BUZZ / FIZZ game. PUM / PA variant

* For this most familiar Buzz game, dial 7, players count aloud and it is forbidden to say any number that has a seven (seventeen) or any multiple of 7 type 21.

Ex: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, buzz, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13…

* For this game FIZZ marks the number 5, the players count aloud and it is forbidden to say any number that has a five or any multiple of 5 type 10,15,20,25 …

Ex: 1, 2, 3, 4, fizz, 6, 7, 8, 9, fizz…

GAME VARIANT: connect the buzz with fizz.

1,2,3,4, fizz, 6 buzz, 8,9, fizz…

4) Telephone wireless

The tourist agent will say in the ear of the first person that he is sitting in the chair on the left as well as the 1st person who is sitting on the right side, very long phrases and write them down on a piece of paper when you reach the last one in turn , Will go ahead and say what came to his ear. Note: use small musical phrases, rhymes and languages.

5) What it contains on the street … in the hotel … .. on the beach …. At school … in the kitchen … at the office … at the feijoada.

One can be given a sheet of paper on a clipboard so that each queue can respond or even use the voice, is a very fast game not giving the time to respond already passes to another queue.
Game variant: You can say a letter for people to respond to as well as modify location.

6) Do not answer YES, NO, IS, WHY.

The tour agent will ask questions to a certain person on the bus and the bus will not be able to say as an answer (yes, no, why), can be timed by the driver.
The game wins the row of chairs, which hit the largest number of sequences.

7) What changed place.

The mediator requests a volunteer from the bus that he be locked in the bathroom or in the front with the driver and soon after all change places or objects such as hats hats, sweaters, bracelets etc. The game wins the row of chairs, which hit the largest number of hits that were found.

8) What is your name and surname (lottery of names)

A drawing paper of the old game will be distributed, you can add more lines depending on the amount of participants in the activity to the sign of the mediator, people look for the others and ask for your name and Writing on the paper. At the end the mediator will make a call and those who have those names will cut and score points.

9) What is the music?

The mediator places a CD of several pre-selected songs (liner, axé, pagode, MPB, folkloric) and to the signal of this, the driver for the music and someone has to continue the lyrics, On the bus, can be used on the break of this. Variant 1: The tour agent speaks a word or phrase of a certain song and when you stop it, someone has to continue.

Variant 2: The tour agent speaks a phrase of a particular song backwards and someone has to guess.

10) Bargain Auction

After the trip to a historic city where tourists buy souvenirs, it will make a small auction of pieces bought with a very symbolic price and everyone to be happy. Personal objects without value such as magazines, sweets, rings, postcards, etc., it is worth emphasizing that it has no lucrative purpose.

11) Funny story

The animator provides in advance a booklet with several photos or drawings of people, animals, vegetables, objects and from there, starts a funny story, passing to tourists wherever you are. It is a very interesting dynamic because it makes a great deal of gratification among the people present and can be used for adults and children. One variant is having plastic objects or the like.

12) WHY game

The animator provides in advance a pencil and a sheet of paper per team that indicates a participant to start the game. Ask to write a question at the top of the paper, as long as it starts with “why?” For example: why are you always late? Then the part where the question is folded back and the paper should be delivered to another person from the other group and this will initiate another response started with “because” without knowing the question of the predecessor. Can be used for adults and children, in buses, conventions or in small groups.

13) Spread the gossip

The animator provides a very large sentence in advance and distributes it to the first people in each queue and this in turn will move to the ones behind his or her armchair to get to the end of the aisle. Beat the team that hits the whole context of the sentence

14) Repeat what I said

a) this is the apple

b) this is the tree where I picked the apple

c) this is the apple orchard where I picked the apple

d) this is the Owner of the orchard where I picked the apple

) and this is the son of the owner of the orchard where I picked the apple

f) this is the room of the son of the owner of the orchard of the tree where I picked the apple

Always putting the word before the other

15) Mime Game

It is a dispute between two groups of people that can be made into class salt as well as on buses or other places. A representative of each team is chosen to do the mime and can not say anything. The gestures can be chosen by the animator as well as by other team such as: profession music films, objects etc. Simple activity that can be used in bus trips as well as in class

16) The word is: *

The leader chooses a song and give a word of this song for people to guess or complete that music may be what’s that word , A simple activity that can be used in bus trips as well as in the classroom.

17) City names with the letter “A”, “F”

Just like that school time joke that through the first type letter, city flower, object, car brand, artist, cities, countries, people will say the respective name of each place through the letters.

18) What part is missing from the music? *

The animator prepares an excerpt in advance, I am going to write small phrases of music where it is divided into two or three pieces and distributes it to the people who are in the place. This dynamic is very interesting because people, loose their voice breaks the ice of the group.

Note: the songs have to be knowledge of the participants because if they come to work with the third age, not everyone knows new songs, but also easy access

Oh open the wings I want to pass

I’m from the lyre and I can not deny … ..

19) The story of a crime *

This is a fictional story where the animator will start counting her to all the present listeners that in which she will be part of the story From the moment the animator stops and points to someone in the room (bus, room) and throughout the story, all are involved and always added something new until all the participants report and is part of the context of this. In this activity it is good that people already know each other, if it is in a trip, it is interesting to explain the dynamics before.

20) My life in 15 seconds *

With a stopwatch in hand, the animator starts activity and speaks to the microphone in 15 seconds about his life, then calls a volunteer present (bus, room) the best story wins a toast.

21) Declaration of love for the enemy *

People when they make a declaration of love is always for a loved one, (boyfriend, husband, groom) but this activity, people will declare what they do not like that person but anyway It is an activity that is done more for adults whether they know each other and quite hilarious or even school groups.

22) Night of the protests * (can use the bus microphone)

The animator will arrange a pulpit with a microphone and each group of people or team will protest about something they are not enjoying. This is advisable to do at night time as a form of relaxation. Ask people not to use obscene words.

23) Crazy reading or watching the newspaper *

The animator provides newspapers or old magazine, distribute with all the people and the sign of this, everyone will read at the same time some newspaper headline and also the animator will choose some people to read intercalando with Other reportage. Simple activity that can be used in bus trips as well as in the classroom, but very dynamic, where we have several laughs.

24) Turns in the 30

The animator provides sound, CDs, and puts people to dance to do something minimal, something they can do in 30 seconds.

25) Telegram starting with a single letter (can be oral or written)

The animator chooses a letter asks a volunteer to make a small sentence that makes sense, using that letter at the beginning of each word. Whoever makes a beautiful sentence makes sense. (Bus, room).

26) Artist of the dark

Each person in the group will receive a sheet of paper and a pencil. This task can be done only at night (bus trip, internal lights completely erased).

A) Draw a house

b) Make a tree on the side of the house and a small garden with a swing.

C) Make a way to the door of the house.

D) Make a sun, a sky and a flying bird, sign the painting.

When you turn on the lights, all the works will be exposed and the best drawing wins free gift.

27) Rima

In the group a person speaks a word, and the last letter the second person repeats as if it were a rhyme until nobody hits and restarts with another person.

28) The word is

“The animator will choose a song and within it a word, it will say: -” the word is … “the participants will say a song that contains that letter. Activity made for buses and relaxation after lunch.

29) You know your state, your country, a street.

The animator will ask each participant or team to speak the name of a city or state beginning with the letter “A” or “D”. The variant of this game depends on the clientele that is working.

30) Continue the drawing

Paper and pencil are handed the first person in the front seat so that it starts a drawing only in a minimum time the animator asks you to move to the back armchair, until you reach the end of the aisle.

31) Node in cord

The animator delivers a very large cord to the first one in the queue and this in turn, will give a node in this cord, passing to the second of the queue that will have to untie the node, passing to the third of the queue that will have to Take another knot, until you reach the end of the corridor.

32) Secret friend

At the end of each trip there are always great friendships and with this the animator will tell the participants to buy a souvenir (minimum value) to be delivered on the last day of the trip and be delivered in a very lively way.


Ask a person to tell a story without using those words without a time of 2 minutes. Whoever at this time can not repeat any of these words wins.

34) Cultural A, a, Z cultural gymnastics

a) Who was the last Brazilian military president? A: João Batista Figueiredo

b) What is the name of Uncle Patinhas’ coin? A: coin number 1

c) Who is the master of the ninja turtles? R: mouse sprinter

d) What is the name of the guard of the design of “umbrella” R wardrobe-beautiful

E) Who is the leader of the quilombo do palmares? R Zumbi

F) What is the name of the foot care specialist? A: Podiatrist

G) What is the name of the 3 magi? R Baltazar, Belchior. Gaspar (

H) What is the largest organ in the human body? R the skin

I) Who is the author of the book “Macunaíma”? R Mario de Andrade.

J) What is the name of the bridge connecting Rio de Janeiro to Niterói? Rio-Niterói

K) The penguin is covered in? R hair.

I) What is a Bassoon? R wind instrument.

M) What is the meaning of the Minas Gerais flag? You release what will also be.

N) What is what it is, falls on its feet and runs in the rain?

O) What is the natural sweetener produced by bees? R MEL

r) How many stones have the domino game? R 28

S) What is the name of Donald’s dwarf nephews? R huguinho, Zezinho and Luizinho.

T) How many sides have a ball? R 2 the inside and the outside. [

U) What country presented the United States with the Statue of Liberty? R France

V) What is the color of hope? R green

X) How many leaves have the lucky clover? R four

Z) What is the capital of Irá? R Teheran

W) How many sides have a check? R two, front and back

Y) What is strawberry? R pumpkin

35) Berlinda

This activity can be done in the classroom or bus which is chosen a person who will go out of the room and in the case of buses, will be in front with the driver, while animator explains the activity, each participant to talk A quality and habits of the person who left. After the data collection, the animator calls the person and will say all the habits and qualities that people have said about her and this one can point out who spoke each habit. The activity continues until everyone passes by. This activity is done with groups that already know themselves by example, schools, companies, groups of seniors.