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4 good reasons to encourage your child to play outside

How is your child’s play routine? If it stays just inside the house, on the video game and tablet, something is not going well. Playing outdoors is very important for child development. And, let’s agree, nothing is more enjoyable than spending hours feeling the heat of the sun, the wind beating in the face and the contact with nature.

It is not every time that we can go down with the little ones to the park or square. To continue fighting, you must organize yourself and join the pack. Even for health reasons. For Maria Ângela Barbato Carneiro, daughter of Rosina and Luiz, a pedagogue and coordinator of the Center for Culture and Research at Brincar, Pontifical Catholic University (PUC) in São Paulo, being in outdoor environments is fundamental for the child to develop notions of time, space And relate better to the weight and strength of one’s own body. “She can run, jump, things that are not possible inside today’s smaller houses and apartments. Now in summer is a great time for this, you can develop the five senses with the scent of flowers, the noise of birds even in the big city, the smells of a park or the street,

The pediatrician Cinara dos Anjos Marcondes, daughter of Sidnea and Silvio. She recommends walks from early age, at 2 months of age, even in the cart or on the lap of the parents. And list the advantages of outdoor play:

More development
Any joke does well, always. But being outdoors brings to children experiences very different from those found at home. “They are exposed to a much greater number of stimuli important for neurological, psychological and motor development. They are things they do not know, different people, more unpredictable and interesting situations. ”

More health
Being exposed to the sun, in the right doses, does well for everyone, from babies. It is through the rays of the sun that our body can synthesize vitamin D, essential for the formation and health of bones. The sun is good, but it should never be taken without protection. Especially when it comes to children, who have a more sensitive and delicate skin than adults. And parents and children should always follow the sun’s recommendation only before 10am and after 4pm. In summer time, it can be before 11am and after 5pm.

Contact with Nature
There is no better way to teach the importance of preserving nature than to have contact with nature. If a child likes to see a growing plant or observe how the ants do to carry food into an anthill, it is much easier to explain to them the motives of each living being important and that harmony between all guarantees a better place to to live.

Playing without rules
Did you know that if you do not give your child time for leisure, you are committing a crime? We are not speaking in the figurative sense of the word, no. Of course crime may be a somewhat exaggerated term, but the fact is that the child’s leisure is guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and by articles 4 and 16 of the Statute of the Child and Adolescent, also legitimized by article 227 of the Federal Constitution of 1988.
Therefore, and for the sake of your child’s development as a human being, it is important to pay attention to how he is spending his time.