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Build a poster with the illustrations of the day’s routine, and add the rules that you consider important. Children can participate in the construction of the rules with the teacher. Use affirmative phrases (eg, “No fights with colleagues” instead of “Do not fight with colleagues”).

See the examples below:

# Rule 1: Put the backpacks in place.

# Rule 2: Greet colleagues on arrival and departure.

# Rule 3: Enter the classroom in order.

# Rule 4: Keep the room organized.

# Rule 5: Listen to colleagues.

# Rule 6: Organize the toys.

# Rule 7: Wash your hands before snacking.

# Rule 8: Throw the papers in the trash.

# Rule 9: Leave the room neat.

# Rule 10: No fighting with colleagues.


  •  Did the children get the idea?
  • As for following the rules, did it work? Where did it get stuck?
  • Has there been any striking behavior, good or bad?

Take photos of the material produced or still film. This will enrich their portfolio and will be a useful tool for evaluation!