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Research and scientific studies show us that children growing up in environments rich in quality stimuli develop the brain faster. Today, we know that stimulant activities can produce changes in the brain structure, especially in the first 6 years of life.

Music is of interest to the child since it is very small, so it should be used to stimulate it.

This activity is a fun way to deal with music and movement.


Children’s rhyming music.

activity description

Sensory play is, in general, a valuable means of attracting the attention of young children. Traditional children’s music offers an excellent base for experiencing physical movements in rhythm rhythm.

1) The children sits in circles with both hands pressed to the front.

2) While all sing the song, the person who is “chosen” moves around the circle and gently marks the words, first on the right hand, then on the left of each child.

3) A child whose hand is struck in the last word, or in the word that rhyme, of each verse (that is, in one of the words “magic”) should put that hand on his back. As soon as you hide both hands, the child will be out.

4) The last that remains with one hand still ahead, becomes the “chosen”. For example: in The Frog did not wash his foot, the magic words are bold.

The frog
chicken frog

The toad does not wash his feet He does
not wash because he does not want
He lives there in the pond He does
not wash his feet because he does not want to

The toad does not wash his feet. He does
not wash because he does not want to.
He lives there in the pond. He does
not wash his feet because he does not want
The sapa in the lava the shovel
In the sparse lava in here
Ala mara there in the lagaa
In the lava the parca in the here
But here challah!

E sepe ne leve e pe
Ne leve perque ne
He des mere le ne leguee
Ne leve e pe perque ne que
Mes che chele!
I sipi ni livi i pi
Ni livi pirqui ni qui
Ili miri li ni liguii
Ni livi i pi pirqui ni qui
Mis chi chili!

I do not kiss the
I do
not kiss the pig
! I do not kiss the pig ! I do not kiss the pig !
U supu nu luvu u pu
Nu luvu purcu nu cu
Ulu muru lu nu luguu
Nu luvu u pu purcu nu cu
Mus cu chulu!


Expand the game with other rhymes present in parliations and songs like Uni, duni, tê, One, two, beans with rice, Cai, balloon falls, March Soldiers, among others.