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Stimulating activities for babies from 0 to 2 years

The child ‘s two years are very happy and when you have a pencil and paper have fun bastante.Nesta age, but the pencil should be narrow.
3 year old child can already point their pencils. But be careful when buying pencils and chalk, so that they do not contain elements harmful to health. The child ‘s love to draw and paint, and also show their creations to parents and acquaintances.
Finger paints are the favorite of the little ones. With their hands on the paper they are ready to paint with great joy. Thicker papers are indicated, but also larger.
They also like to build their own houses. Made of cardboard box with doors and windows to open and close. With small cane can be constructed furniture. They can paint them themselves.
The child s can make necklaces of various materials. How to model shapes to paint them later.
Already in the second moment of their lives, these already can begin to sing also. Sing together! They learn quickly.
From children to musical instruments simple and easy to do manually. These can be a pan lid, a spoon that provides rhythms as well as the industrialized rhythmic instruments: xylophone, drum, electric piano.
Speech development
With simple toys the development of childrenS can be stimulated. One can always ask, “Where is …?” With this inquiry made about various materials and furniture in the room, or in a book, you help them learn the names of surrounding objects and know the world at your return.
Even if the child does not understand the meaning of the word, she apprehends the meaning of the language, things and relationships observing and experiencing.
When the child watches a washing machine, for example, you can clarify it as you do to wash clothes. Put the soap in the powder, show that it closes the lid, that turns on the machine, that the machine fills with water, that it knocks the laundry, is filled with foam, etc.
When the machine stops working, show her that the laundry is damp and clean, that you will now hang it to dry.

As another joke, you might aim to ask him: – Where’s your nose?
… Your ear … your head … your arm … your mouth? And so she will learn by joking.
At that age a good toy for the child is a cover book and hard leaves. There they can leaf through, feel and you can enlighten them about every little card that is there.
É de extrema importância que deixassemos elas entrar em contato juntamente com outras pessoas de suas idades, ou seja, crianças. Soon You will see that one day they will have decorated the story and when you tell it will it complement it. ell stories for them. They will listen and ask you to repeat them. You will see that one day they will have even decorated the story and when you tell it will complement it.
A stuffed animal, cloth, a colored ball or plastic bundles to assemble. Show them how they should do it and they will.